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Integrin alpha2 [ITGA2] gene C807T allele Polymorphism and Clinical Severity of Sickle Cell Disease among Sudanese patients
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Alaaeddin M. Elzubeir; Abeer Saifaldeen Edris; Esraa Hassan Elhassan; Reem Mohammed Mukhtar; Hiba Ali Ali; Rowidah Abdulrazig Zumrawy; Tumader Mohammed Ibrahim; Osman A. Sadig; Nazik Elmalaika O.S. Husain; Abu Elgasim Abass A. Elkareem; Hind M. Ahmed; Nouh S. Mohamed
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Background: Sickle Cell Disease [SCD] and vaso-occlusive crisis are still responsible for high morbidity and early mortality. Integrins, a family of cell surface receptors, interact with vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 and fibronectin, leading to vaso-occlusion. The present study aimed to investigate the correlation between the Integrin Alpha 2 [ITGA2] C807T [rs1126643] polymorphic loci and clinical severity of homozygous SCD in Sudanese patients, as well as hematologic variables. Methods: Venous blood samples were collected from homozygous SCD patients admitted to referral Hematology Clinic [n=133, ‘patients’] and apparently healthy individuals [n=112, ‘controls’]. Blood was genotyped by polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism. Complete blood counts were measured by hematology analyzer. T. independent test, Chi square, and odd ratios were statistical tests used in this study. Result: The genotyping and allele frequencies of ITGA2 C807T were found to be significantly different among patients and controls with p=0.002. Relative risk assessment of allele occurrence exhibited that patients have the T allele were 5.4 times more possible to suffer from hemolytic crisis, vaso-occlusive and ischemic stroke rather than those patients with the C allele. As expected Hematologic parameters; Hb, RBCs and PCV were all significantly higher in controls than in patients when compared between severity groups with [P. value 0.000, 0.045, and 0.034], respectively. Conclusion: ITGA2 C807T [rs1126643] polymorphism is associated with more complications and crisis, with the T allele that appears to deliberate increased susceptibility to ischemic stroke and vasoocclusive crisis in Sudanese patients with homozygous SCD.
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Sickle Cell Disease, SCA, Clinical Severity, ITGA2 C807T allele polymorphism.

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