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Role of socio economic determinants and social capital in juvenile delinquency in Urban Lahore: A case study of Lahore district Jail
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Rida Junaid
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Bridge Center
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The aim of this research is to explore the determinants of juvenile’s delinquency in urban Lahore. Furthermore, the study will explore the role of informal networks; family, peer and neighborhood (social capital) in encouraging and discouraging juvenile delinquency. The study is qualitative in nature and conducted as on the basis of case study of Lahore District jail. Male respondents were selected from age 12 to 18. Purposive sampling method is used to collect data by conducting semi structured interviews. This research shows that low socio economic status, lack of parental supervision and negative social capital are the significant reasons of increasing juvenile delinquency in Lahore. Twelve respondents were interviewed considering the saturation point of the research. There were 6 theft and robbery cases and all mentioned that we wanted to get money to fulfill their basic needs as their monthly family income ranged from 5000 to 20000 along with rented house. There were 5 rape cases and they all responded that parents never asked about their activities and they used to spend most of their time with friends and participated in each other activities. There was one murder case who responded in the same way that he used to spend his time with friends and parents never asked him. So it shows that low socio economic status, negative social capital and lack of parental involvement are the main reasons of increasing juvenile delinquency in Lahore.
Keywords :
Juvenile delinquency, social capital, socio economic determinants, peer network, poverty

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