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The Weakness of Baitul Mal Wat-Tanwil in Build Small Business. Case Study in Riau Province
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Khaidir Saib
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
The goal of the research is to identify the extent of the weaknesses and to identify factors that determine the effectiveness of the relevant operations. The problem of this study some Baitul Mal wat-Tamwil in the Riau district has a strategy of strength and it has shown its success in solving some of the problems of poverty and small business capital, but some Baitul Mal wat-Tamwil in some areas have not yet implemented it, as in the Kampar , Kuansing and Bandar Pekanbaru. Often small business settlement solutions cannot be achieved as Baitul Mal wat-Tamwil is inactive and disturbed.The methodology used in this study is the case study of qualitative methods. These are three commonly used data collection methods, such as 1) open interviews in depth, 2) direct observation and 3) written documents. The findings of this study found that Baitul Mal wat-Tamwil found weaknesses in human resources, management and control systems.
Keywords :
Baitul Mal wat-Tamwil, Human Resource, Management, Control Systems

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