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Corporate Governance, Audit Committee and Firm Performance: Construction Sector, CIDB Malaysia
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Malik Azhar Hussain, Abdul Razak Abdul Hadi
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
This study examines the association between corporate governance mechanism and firm performance measured by return on assets (ROA) among companies registered on one large government industry (Construction Industry Development Board – CIDB) in Malaysia. In this research, corporate governance mechanism consists of risk management committee, gender diversity, duality, ownership concentration and audit committee. The study conducted a survey questionnaire method and data are collected from 80 companies. Descriptive statistics is reported and model estimation is performed using logistic regression. The results shows that audit committee has significant impact on firm performance. Evidence suggests that audit committee is highly important in the area of corporate governance mechanism to enhance firm performance.
Keywords :
corporate governance mechanism, risk management committee, gender diversity, duality, firm performance, construction industry development board (CIDB).

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