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Impact of Holocaust on Saul Bellow. Saul Bellow’s Literary Representation of Jewish Experience of Holocaust Trauma
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Faisal Arif Sukhera, Shaheena Ayub Bhatti
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Bridge Center
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This essay explores the impact of the Holocaust on the life of Saul Bellow. The Historical Biographical approach is employed to analyze Bellow’s life in the perspective of his Jewish American identity, as a writer and as a person. Bellow’s biography, written by James Atlas(2000) his memoirs, compiled by his son Gregory Bellow(2014) and the letters written by Bellow, provide valuable insights regarding the personal feelings and views of the writer about the Holocaust. Being the member of the second generation of Holocaust survivors, he has deep rooted memories of the excesses committed against the Nazis. Owing to his Jewish epistemology, his fiction is also tinged with the trauma of the Holocaust.
Keywords :
Saul Bellow, Trauma, Holocaust, World War II, Nazis

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