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Life antiquity of the Indian sunbeam Curetis thetis (Lepidoptera: Rhopalocera: Lycaenidae) commencing Southern Andhra Pradesh-India
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P. Harinath, K. Suryanarayana, B. Sreekanth, S. P. Venkata Ramana
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Bridge Center
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The Indian sunbeam Curetis thetis belonged to Lycaenidae or blue butterfly found in Asia. It is on the wing from May to November and breeds almost with high-frequency (June -August) during the periods of monsoon and posts monsoon seasons. Studies were conducted during May 2016 to December 2016 at different study sites in Eastern Ghats of Southern Andhra Pradesh. The development from egg to adult was 17 - 21 days. There was no dormancy stage in the life history. Successful development of adults, larvae, and pupae was 72% – 94% during the study period. Short life cycle and high success development of life stages suggest the production of 3-4 broods in the season.
Keywords :
Curetis thetis, Life history, Instars, univalent, Population index. The Eastern Ghats, Southern Andhra Pradesh

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