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Changing Structure of Mining in Himachal Pradesh: A Case Study of Khanyara Slate Mines
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Jagdish Chand, Phool Kumar, Promila Devi
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Bridge Center
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The slate is such a versatile material, it has been, and is still being used for many different applications. It has been used in more practical ways in the past, such as blackboards, tabletops, and mantelpieces for fireplaces, roofs, and many other residential uses. There are also many different industrial uses such as electrical slate. The uses of slate have changed slightly over the years. Today, slate is being used for aesthetically pleasing purposes such as crushing slate to use on driveways, for slate floors, and still being used in slate roofs. Although the uses of slate have changed over time, the bottom line is that it is still being used in many different products for many different purposes, and proves to still be strong in more ways than one. During the field survey many photographs have been taken to prove the part of the huge environmental impact that the quarries have on the area. The landscapes of Khanyara have changed drastically due to the quarrying practices. This paper particularly focuses on how Khanyara has transformed from a self-sufficient resource user to a dependent village consequent upon the role of state in resource allocation.
Keywords :
Slate, Aesthetically, Field Survey, Environmental Impact, Quarries, Landscapes, Khanyara.

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