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Java Cultural Perspective in Doing Postpartum Care in the Rawang Lama Village, Asahan District in 2014
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Nani Jahriani
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
This research was very important to be known by health care providers to make them easier in providing health care. The research used qualitative phenomenological method which was aimed to identify Javanese culture in taking care of confinement mothers. There were seven informants with the criteria of Javanese confinement mothers who were willing to be interviewed. The data were gathered by conducting in-depth interviews, using a recorder and some stationery. The results of the research was that positive effects of taking care of mothers during the confinement in the Javanese cultural perspective were drinking wejahan water which was beneficial for increasing appetite, massaging to reduce muscle tight, breast caring to expedite breast milk, and prohibiting sexual intercourse during confinement to prevent from bleeding and infection. Other activities were not eating or doing any activities; wuwungan, pilisan, tapelan, senden, spa,warm stones or ash and the period of using contraception devices had negative effects on the health of mothers and their children. It is recommended that health care providers provide information about any cares for confinement mothers in order to support the health of mothers and their children during their pregnancy, childbirth, and confinement.
Keywords :
Perspective, Javanese Culture, Treatments for Confinement Mothers

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