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The Metafictional in the Iraqi art painting products
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Jabbar Khammat Hamzah
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Bridge Center
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The current research issue was established on studying the role of The Metafictional in the awareness of the narrative, recounting and storytelling process in the Iraqi painting art, in which the researcher sought to find out the effect of this process, which included the destruction of narrative structures and the ability to manipulate nominal data in the rephrasing traditional (classic) folk tale of the artist’s through awareness of the narrations, sayings, observations and inform of the events, ceremonies and rituals of historical, religious, social and his ability to use them in presenting of Artistic plastic products imitate the original form of literary text and translated into visual performance texts by depending on the techniques and mechanisms of the show and distinctive stylistic reflects the ability of the artist’s to recall the textual literary items and diverting them to visual elements in the framework of a comprehensive integrated product. The aim of the current research is to: find out the relationship between the Metafictional and the Iraqi painting art. The second chapter included the theoretical framework which is the researcher divided into two sections: - The epistemological approach between the narrative, recounting and storytelling and the painting art. The second is the Metafictional in the sixties artists’ paintings. As a representative of the products of contemporary Iraqi painting, as well as the artistic experience of the artist (Kadhem Haider) as a real model and one of the most important outputs of this generation. The chapter also included the theoretical framework indicators that the research reached. The third chapter includes the researcher's Procedures in achieving the goal of the research. The researcher has chosen a collection of the artist Kazem Haidar’s paintings as a representative of the paintings of the sixties of the twentieth century, which the researcher has subjected them to study and analysis to reach his goal of research The fourth chapter includes the main results of the research.
Keywords :
The Metafictional, Iraqi art painting products

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