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The International Banking and Banking Services in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic
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Eltun Ibrahimov
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Bridge Center
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International banking is a very important factor to realize a vast scale and various transactions in all fields among the countries. In global world carrying out their operations effectively and consistently, banks ensure guaranty for the economy of every country. The common global economic crisis has shaken banking system deeply everywhere recent years. We should specify that, the world economy need an international banking network with solid roots and high potential. This study deals with the global banking system and the latest popular banking transactions in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, the inseparable part of independent Azerbaijan. Although their establishment is very young here, we see thriving performance, financial stability and customer satisfaction of the banks in autonomous republic. Despite the fact that processes are weak in getting banking system internationally, we may say banks will improve their activities steadily in coming years in Nakhchivan.
Keywords :
international banking, autonomous republic, leasing, credit cards, currency, central bank, ATM machines

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