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Occupational Health and Safety Risks among the Municipal Solid Waste Collectors in Al Leith
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Alshebli Ahmed, Omer Ibrahim, Mohammed Ahmed Fouad, Abdalmohsin Alomari, Hani Albgali, Mnwer Alfahmi, Saleh Alyazidi
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Bridge Center
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Solid waste collectors are those that pick up garbage for deposit at transfer stations or recyclable materials. Solid waste collectors are laden with health hazards. They are exposed to foul odours, dust, ants, flies and they get dirty easily even when they wear protective clothing if any. This is a descriptive cross-sectional study among conducted Municipal Solid Waste Collectors in Al Leith from October 2016 to May 2017. To explore the work practices, injuries, illnesses, working conditions and other hazards faced solid waste collectors. To determine personal protective devices usage among solid waste collectors. To assess the knowledge, attitude and practices of solid waste collectors towards health and safety a questionnaire was used to collect data solid waste hazards, protective equipment, duration of exposure, and other personal information. Interviews were held with the solid waste manager in Al leith municipality. About (39.0%) were not used PPE, Thirty two (64.0%) of the workers are working between the range 2 – 4 years, the high percentage (50.0%) age range was 20 -30 years, 50.0% of solid waste collectors exposure to injuries. The study concluded that Solid waste collectors in Al leith municipality experienced different types of preventable hazards inherent in their jobs due to their work practice .56.0% of the workers suffering from injures, Qualitative data revealed that not all the workers 30.0% were given the protective, 30.0% of the worker do not take training or health education programs on solid waste hazard. Training and health education programs should be provided to all workers from the start of work. Workers in the two factories should be given adequate instruction and training at the start of their employment to enable them to use PPE effectively.
Keywords :
solid waste, occupational health, worker, hazard

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