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Mapping peri-urbanization in a non-primate city: A case study of Burdwan, India
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Mohammad Arif, Krishnendu Gupta
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Bridge Center
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Peri urban areas are transition zone where the urban and the rural areas meet as well as interact. Empirically, peri urban areas are lying between urban and rural zone. Identification of peri-urban areas by using one or few indicator or by any simple method poses several difficulties; and there is no consensus among the scholars about the methods to delineate this juxtaposed area. The present paper is an attempt to delineate the peri-urban area of Burdwan city. Using 8 criteria belongs to three sets of indices or determinants namely demographic, Occupational Structure and Infrastructure have been selected for delimitation process. The study finds that the linear expansion mainly towards the north-east, south-east and north west directions of the Burdwan city, especially along the Grand Trunk road. Hence, the peri-urban area is extended up to 10 kilometres from the city centre.
Keywords :
Peri urban, Delineation, Indicator, Direction

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