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International Trade and its Impact on Economic Growth of Pakistan
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Wajeeh Ullah
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
This paper is a theoretical approach frame work which investigates the impact of international trade on economic growth of Pakistan. Generally, this study targeted the economic growth and specifically standard of life of people in Pakistan. Economic growth is a comprehensive terminology where standard of life is a segment of growth therefore in this paper we focused standard of life of people. On another side, this study shows the importance of trade for Pakistan. We also tried to show a comparison of developed and developing economies in term of standard life of general public. After a long review of literature and economic theories we found that those countries which involve in international trade (open Economies) their standard life of people are higher than those countries which not involve in international trade (closed Economies). Trade further bringing investment to country, creates opportunities for employment because of which national income goes up and finally purchasing power of the people increases and a result standard life of people improving. This study suggests the developing economies like Pakistan, to enhance trade capacity for the social development of general public.
Keywords :
International trade, Economic growth, standard of life, Employment, Income

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