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Optimization of multilayer composite for solid rocket motor case using genetic algorithm
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Mohammed A. Abdalla, Mohamed Talballa Elsheikh
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
The solid rocket motor (SRM) case of anti-tank weapon has been selected for this work. The structural analysis of the origin SRM under the maximum pressure 18.57 MPa, and thrust of the motor 1254 N, made by ANSYS workbench. The results shown that the safety factor of this case is 1.72. The SRM tube was then replaced with carbon fiber epoxy resin, and the design modified to hold the maximum pressure. The layup angles for composite tube found using Ansys direct Optimization, jointed with structural analysis using ANSYS ACP, show that the safety factor for composite is 2.63, and the ply sequence found by the optimization is (±40, ±50, ±4, ±76, ±28, ±66, ±63, ±87, ±44, ±88, ±28). As expected the weight of the SRM composite tube is less than metallic tube, which was one third of the metallic one.
Keywords :
carbon fiber, epoxy resin, solid rocket motor case

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