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Personality Influence and Democratic Challenges in Nigeria: A Case of Godfatherism and the 2015 Election
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Badamasi Saidu, Ummu Atiyah Binti Ahmad Zakuan, Kamarul Zaman Bin Haji Yusoff
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Bridge Center
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The study examines the concept of political god-fatherism in Nigeria’s forth republic with specific reference to political events and happenings in some states in Nigeria such as Oyo, Anambra and Kwara State from 1999-2011, and in relation to 2015 general election to date. It is a political philosophy and practice that denies Nigerians of their inalienable rights to enjoy democratic dividends. The ideology and its practice have rapidly transformed politics from civil engagement to an enterprise that benefits few individuals in the society. The godfathers use public wealth and power at their wish to sponsor candidates and influences his actions and decisions in their favor. This paper tends to discuss on the negative impact of godfatherism by negating the political aspirations of the people resulting to poor governance and institutions of authority, and the changing pattern in 2015 general election in Nigeria. It examines the previous cases and the challenges of posed on the practice through popular votes, commitment and discipline of the people against the godfathers influence in 2015 election. The study recommends among others that political godfatherism should be discarded and democrat institutions be strengthened to avoid godfatherism and money-bags politics.
Keywords :
Godfather, Gladiator, Citizen, stakeholders, Politicization, Dividends.

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