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Remittances - The Importance of Them
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Diljana Dushku
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Bridge Center
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Remittances worldwide are estimated to be the second most important financial flow after international aid. In recent years, they are playing an increasingly important role in the development of the world economy. Nature, size, frequency, the impact of remittances, and factors affecting their values have attracted the attention of many scholars and policymakers. The main purpose of this paper is to contribute to the analysis of determinants and remittances effects in the case of Albania, trying to fill the shortcomings in this research area. The main macro-factors that determine the remittances flows are the economic measures, the stock of migrants and the transfer costs. The main micro-factors result in the level of income, the level of education, the civil status and the decision to return home. The results from the survey showed the importance that emigration and remittances have played in the economy of the area, as well as the potential of return migration.
Keywords :
Remittances, macro-factors, remittances flows, emigration, return emigration

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