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Women and Conflict Management in West Africa; The Nigerian Perspective
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Louisa Amaechi
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Bridge Center
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Conflicts usually exist where there are different views on certain issues. It can occur as a result of different principles, ideologies, beliefs, culture, religion and reasoning. When conflict erupts, the need for its management arises. Conflict management is a strategy to bring peace or avoid war and violence and women can play their active role in conflict management be it among individuals, groups of people, communities or states. The paper therefore evaluates the concept of conflict and conflict management, kinds of conflict, causes of conflict and methods or strategies for its management in Nigeria. The paper also examines some theories in conflict management and the need for peaceful co-existence in a nation or effective conflict management or violence free society. The paper therefore recommends proper training and guiding of their children, youths and other grown up in their environment by inculcating the need for peaceful co-existence and tolerance as regards to the issue of religious, cultural and political difference (Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria). It also recommends an inculcation of conflict resolution studies into the Nigerian educational curriculum.
Keywords :
Women, Conflict and Management

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