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Relationship of Knowledge and Attitude of Adolescent with Implementation of Self Breast Checkup (SBC) in the Sentral Academy of Midwifery Padangsidimpuan in 2018
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Bridge Center
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Breast cancer is one of the most malignant and has a high mortality rate in women. Every year there are 7 million breast cancer patients and 5 million people died. Cases of breast cancer deaths in the world in 2011 showed there were about 508,000 cases. This study uses analytic survey method using cross sectional design approach which aims to show relationship of knowledge and attitude of adolescent with implementation of self breasts checkup in the Sentral Academy of Midwifery Padangsidimpuan in 2018. The results obtained from 40 respondents, obtained 31 people have good knowledge, 4 people enough and 5 people have less knowledge about self breast checkup. Who have a good attitude towards the implementation of self breast checkup there are 5 people, enough 22 people and less as many as 13 people, while from 40 respondents found 16 people doing self-checkup and 24 others did not do breast self-checkup at 7 to 14 days after menstruation. Statistical test by using spearmen test obtained p value 0,002 a 0.05 with the value of r -0.136. It is expected that the respondents should better understand the importance of self breast checkup every 7 to 14 days post-menstruation so that female morbidity and mortality due to breast cancer can be decreased.
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knowledge, attitude, self breast checkup

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