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The Risk Perception of Natural Disasters and the Willingness to Pay Insurance in the Grapes Farms. Region Vlora
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Bitila Zhuli
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Bridge Center
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Natural disasters are a phenomenon facing the economy of each country. The sector that faces often is agriculture. Risks from natural disasters are different in different areas. The risk of natural disasters is perceived in various ways based on the sources of risk and socio-economic factors. Based on the literature review, we will analyze, by means of econometric methods, the factors that influence the perception of the danger of natural disasters in agriculture. The study will first bring a review of literature and similar studies. Questionnaires were made to 136 grape farmers in the Vlora area, during 2017. Farmers who were interviewed were selected randomly. The purpose of the study is to analyze the sources of natural disasters risk on Albanian farms according to perceptions. Also, it is to identify the factors that influence the perception of risk and the links between the variables through econometric methods. We will also analyze the factors that affect the willingness to pay for insurance. In the end, the document will end with conclusions and suggestions to be taken into account in further studies.
Keywords :
Perception, farm, natural disaster, agriculture, perception of risk

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