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Estimation and analysis of the social factors affecting the migration using multiple regression analysis (Case Study: Sudanese university professors in Saudi Universities) (The time period 2011 – 2016)
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Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Amreen, Hamza Ibrahim Hamza
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
This paper aims to identify the equation of multiple regression and determine the relationship between social factors and migration. The problem of the study was the impact of social factors on the migration of Sudanese university professors to Saudi Arabia. The scientific methodology was used by applying multiple regression analysis to the questionnaires that were polluted by the Sudanese university professors in the Saudi universities. The SPSS program was also used. A number of results were reached, the most important of which is that Sudanese scientists and thinkers suffer from the spread of scientific illiteracy among the communities in which they live, by 84.4%, causing their emigration. The prevalence of nepotism has created a social imbalance of 81.8% in Sudanese society, Migration, and the rise of ethnic, sectarian and sectarian conflicts, which caused the migration of Sudanese university professors by 68.7%, the study recommends more statistical methods in such studies as neural networks, including Box-Jenkins and logistic regression, between them
Keywords :
Migration, multiple regressions, variance analysis, scientific competencies

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