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Manipulations of the Constitution in Africa: Forms and Manifestations
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Ahmed Hedieloum Kodio
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Bridge Center
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Due to the constant issue with constitutional instability, it is advisable that the struggle should keep on going for the sake of the maintaining and protection of political pluralism, the rule of law and the constitution. To achieve this goal, emphasis should be put on the protection of the constitution against untimely manipulation. This should be the starting point if we do not want to allow Africa to remain a place of political crises. Otherwise, it may be harmful to African democracy. Africa today appears in its vast majority as a “dessert of democracy. ” It is sad to notice such a kind of behavior in the field of democracy. The blossom of democratic ideas in 1990 and juridical conceptions that were elaborated are gradually abandoned in most of the African nations. In some cases we can even say that those democratic values purely and simply ransacked. The previous theories and texts about democratic values have become a “museum contemplation ” in the last decade of the twentieth century.
Keywords :
Constitutional manipulations, Political pluralism, Political power, political agreement.

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