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Cancelation of the technical selection of modulation types in optimum satellite link by using data rate, FEC, and carrier spacing
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Atif Bakheit, HeisumEwad, Abdalmahmoud Ali
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Bridge Center
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Telecom operators are facing strong pressures on capital and operational expenditures. The greater the amount of “known” information loaded into the analysis, the more accurate it will be. Modulation is played very important role in a satellite channels by determinacy the optimum allocated transponder bandwidth (BW). The higher modulation level, created a reduction and utilization saving in the transponder BW, but this required high cost. The paper is conducted toward how to compensate the higher level of modulation with lower and maintaining the BW and the optimization in the link without changes, by keeping BW and Power Equivalent Bandwidth (PEB) in equality. In order to achieve the same allocated BW in optimal link and cancelling the modulation technical selection there are 4 options are chosen alternating in the services (Data Rate), Carrier spacing, combined data rate with Forward Error Correction (FEC), and combined spacing with FEC. In the last two options FEC played core role in controlling and adjusting in the services and spacing. The contribution represent in at specific conditions (parameters). Revealing a mathematic equation related in ability to precise selection of services (data rate) and spacing, leaded to cancel the type of modulation selection.
Keywords :
BW, D.R, Carrier Spacing, OBO, FEC, PEB and Modulation.

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