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Safety Specifications and Procedures for Building Demolition in Urban Africa
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Adiukwu Fidelis Onyekachi
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
The African urban environment since the emergence of the 21st century is experiencing significant change in the spatial transformation of its urban setting. The practice of building and demolition- roads, buildings, parks, bridges, transportation terminals and infrastructure etc. In order to meet the demand for buildings of all type- residential, commercial, and Institutional etc., some ‘old’ buildings for specific purpose have to give way for remodeling or new ‘start-up’ projects. Therefore, engaging efficient means to guarantee safety of life and property during partially or total demolition of a building as to create space for new project is imperative. Currently, demolition works has become an indicator of the economic activity of countries. The presence of demolition work is considered as a sign of progress, improvement and growth. Demolition and renovation works were carried out and are current in many cities to accommodate trending demand. Research survey the trend in demolition practice uncharacteristic of professional order in some African cities. Study evaluates their spatial environmental order during demolition works. It is observed that demolition activities were being carried out with little considerations for safety. Study thus considers the disorder in such instance, as safety of life and property is important. Research theorizes effect awaiting nonconformity with safety specifications, procedures and complaints for demolition works. For a successful demolition exercise, author recommends that the demolition documents must specify what aspect of a structure to be removed; how to remove; when and where to dispose remains as to ensure safety and environmental order.
Keywords :
Building Demolition, Demolition Law, Safety Specification, Urban Africa

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