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Teachers and supportive teachers in inclusive classes for children with special needs (SEN), the value they bring to Inclusive Education for SEN children
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Rodika Goci, Merita Poni
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Bridge Center
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The paper brings the positive experience of an inclusive education pilot in mainstream schools of three regions of Albania. Inclusive education (IE) is generally known “a process that involves the transformation of schools and other centres of learning to cater for all children” (UNESCO 2009). In its philosophy Inclusive Education embraces the change of policies, cultures and practices in all levels of education. As such it is not a static process but an evolving one which seeks for constant analyses and adjustments in all its three dimensions. Although efforts to establish IE in Albania started years ago, it is officially introduced as a necessity in education system by the new Law for pre-University Education 2012 and its Normative Dispositions 2013. Such legal provisions form strong bases for IE implementation across the county, yet the process is challenged in many ways. Scarcity of the knowledgeable and experienced human resources, as well as the allocation of sufficient financial resources remains the main challenge. The paper aims to bring an overall view of the IE pilot interventions, focusing on the values of teachers as agents of change in the process of including SEN children in education settings in Albania. The paper tries to analyses their role, highlight the positive experience and provide some recommendations for distributing this positive experience and making it sustainable
Keywords :
Teachers, supportive teachers, inclusive education, children with special education needs.

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