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Teachers’ perception about the socialization of children with special education needs with peers in inclusive education
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Rodika Goci, Leticja Gusho
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Bridge Center
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Inclusive education is founded to be the only education system that accepts all children equally and provides them with the best quality education possible. It is the process of establishing and constantly improving the education policies, practices, and cultures. As such it is the promoter of best social values in education settings, to which not only SEN children benefit, but also their class peers. To this, teachers are seen as key actors in promoting and increasing the socialization of SEN children with their peers within the school settings, and as the role model for children with their attitudes. Research proves that the attitudes of children mirror one of the teachers and other adults. This article, which is part of a wider study, and brings the perception of teachers as regards to SEN children attachment to other peers in the class and as regards the extent to what peers accept and support SEN children. Findings of the study show that, in classes where SEN children are enrolled, there is positive progress in developing inclusive education culture. Most of SEN children find themselves comfortable to socialize with their peers and vice versa. To conclude, it is worth saying that inclusive education is found to be an evolving process rather than a static one and as such, teachers need to constantly analyse their achievements, challenges and failures and make the necessary amendments, as the only way to improve policies, practices, culture at school and class level.
Keywords :
inclusive education, special education need, socialization.

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