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International Students Thesis Writing Experiences in the Northeast Normal University
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Mohamed Mohamud Ali, Saagyum P. Dare
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Bridge Center
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The study explored the theses writing experiences among the international students pursuing master degree in education at Northeast Normal University of China. The study aimed to examine the challenges international students faced in their theses writing process and the coping strategies adopted to overcome such challenges. A sample of 5 participants were recruited from the few master students in the faculty of education to participate in the study. Interviews were used to collect data for the study. The interview sessions were audiotaped and transcribed for analysis. The study revealed that international students writing their theses were characterized with inadequate research skills, financial supports, time frame, and technology-related skills. The study also showed that students were less proficient in the English Language; the medium of instruction in international education program in the Faculty of Education. However, various coping strategies were revealed by the study; taking of remedial and extra lessons as well as seeking assistance from friends, peers, and professors. Others also indicated they had to adjust their budgets and spending to meet the demands of their thesis’s projects. It was hereby recommended that; the postgraduate master degree international students needed to acquaint themselves with basic research skills, be proficient in the language of instruction (English), as well as technology-related skills prior to theses writing projects. Universities could also provide formal academic adaptation and adjustment programs to educate and guide international students to adapt more easily to their academic environs.
Keywords :
Experience, international student, thesis, etc.

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