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Principais Patologias na Construção Civil
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José Basílio da Silva Filho, Glauber do Vale de Medeiros, Emerson Marques de Castro, Euller André Barbosa de Alencar
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
In Brazil, the preventive maintenance in reinforced concrete structures is little used, although it is the most adequate to preserve and guarantee the longevity of the structures. It is used, after presentation of the causes, the corrective maintenance. The present research carried out a study through bibliographical reviews and publications on the main causes of pathological manifestations and the corrosion of the reinforcements in reinforced concrete. Thus, the objective of this investigation is to analyze the main factors that influence the corrosive process and the origin of the main agents that cause the partial or total loss, compromising the durability and useful life of the reinforced concrete structures. The methodology presents the types of pathologies more frequent, approach the main causes highlighting the importance of avoiding corrective maintenance. It is concluded with this study that the main pathologies in the reinforced concrete were the corrosion of the reinforcement, the leaching of the concrete causing the carbonation, which is the main cause of the steel slaking of the hardened concrete, the lack of periodic maintenance of the structures and the insufficient coverage due to poor performance of services.
Keywords :
Carbonation. Leaching. Acidrain. Porosity. Acids.

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