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Abordagem Sobre a Reação da Estrutura de um Galpão Industrial em Relação às Ações do Vento no Bairro Distrito Industrial I na Cidade de Manaus
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Marly Moraes Rukat, Ghislaine Raposo Bacelar
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Bridge Center
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The present work describes the stability analysis of industrial sheds submitted to the actions of the winds. For the present work, the equivalent static analysis is performed for the one-story reinforced concrete building. It is an industrial structure. Industrial structures shall be designed and constructed to withstand the effects of wind in accordance with the requirements and provisions of ABNT-NBR 6123/88. This standard describes the procedure for wind resistance of such structures. Stability analysis of the one-story pitched roof building is performed using softwares. The main parameters considered in this document to compare the performance of the wind in the building, that is, the possible damages that can occur, the behavior of the industrial shed relative to the wind, and the provisions for the basic design loads to be assumed in the shed. In these patterns, the complete calculations are made for the wind load that is most important for the design of the industrial shed.
Keywords :
Wind, structure, softwares.

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