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Análise na Estrutura de um Sistema de Prevenção e Combate a Incêndio em um Hotel Turístico no Centro da Cidade de Manaus
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Jandeilson de Lima Rodrigues, Glauber do Vale de Medeiros, Charles Ribeiro de Brito
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Bridge Center
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Any structure if not well planned will be subject to the problems of storm, wind, wind, lightning, fire, among others. With regard to tourist hotels, which contain a large number of people, every precaution should be taken when planning to build the first foundations. With regard to fire prevention and fire fighting, buildings, especially commercial buildings, must be built within fire protection regulations, analyzing the number of people the structure will support in the division of apartments, rooms, kitchen reception and leisure room, outdoor areas among others. It is important to analyze the type of material that can be placed, whether glass, wood, iron or steel, as each has an influence on the contribution or retardation of a fire. In every building there should be exits and entrances that can facilitate the exit of the people or the entrance of the rescue cars, as well as signaling strip so that it can facilitate both the entrance and the exit. This study is of a qualitative approach, being only a bibliographical review of books, regulations and scientific articles, using the exploratory and descriptive methods. The building studied, is located in 10 de Julho street, downtown Manaus, where will be installed the Hotel Juma Opera.
Keywords :
Prevention, combat, fire.

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