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Estudo de Caso de Funcionalidade da Vala Coletora de Drenagem Urbana Situada na Rua Clarindo de Queiroz – São Francisco, Zona Centro-sul de Manaus/AM
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Ingrid Thais Mota Guimarães, José Mauro Frank Oguino Coelho
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Bridge Center
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With the disorderly growth of cities, it has been noted that over the years, the basic sanitation has become degrading in Brazil, a subject that is widely addressed in various media in the country and due to this occurrence, the Trata Brasil Institute launched in April 2018, the updated version of the ranking of the 20 best and worst cities in basic sanitation in Brazil. Occupying the 5th place in the ranking of the 20 worst cities, Manaus presents 23.80% of sewage treatment by consumed water. Since there was no maintenance in the drainage devices, there have even been erosion of drainage pipes and floods in recent years, problems in urban sanitation, where in Manaus, specifically in the São Franscisco neighborhood, there is an urban drainage ditch with double pipes of simple classification, where during heavy rains there are floods that impair access to Clarindo de Queiroz avenue with General Carneiro, main access roads to the neighborhood. The last record found, dates to January 22, 2017, which due to influences such as the irregular dumping of garbage, caused clogging of the drainage devices, generating the blocking of the pipes to fulfill their role, evaluated by through the concepts of hydrology and urban water and sewage systems, seeking to identify the causes that lead to the non-functioning of the trench under study.
Keywords :
Floods. Drainage ditch. Basic sanitation.

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