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The Moderating Effect of Government Interference on the Relationship between Staff Commitment and Performance of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)
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Goni Ibrahim, Ahmad Zubair Ibrahim, Badariah Haji Din
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Bridge Center
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Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), the Nigerian's National Oil Company has been operating at below optimum level due to number of visible and invisible factors. Some studies have attributed this to the level of staff commitment and constant government interference. However, results of past empirical studies on the relationship between staff commitment and organizational performance have been inconsistent. Objectives: This study examined the moderating effect of government interference on the relationship between staff commitment and organizational performance in NNPC. Method: The study is cross sectional and survey research design was used. Data were collected by using instruments adapted from past studies. The study population is 6,342 of the middle cadre NNPC and a total of 514 staff participated in the study. The study utilized partial least square structural equation modelling PLS-SEM and employed Smart pls 3 software. Three hypotheses were formulated for testing. Result: The result confirmed that both staff commitment and government interference were significant predictors of organizational performance and government interference does not significantly moderate the relationship between staff commitment and organizational performance. Conclusion: Base on these results, the study recommended that NNPC should create a fair motivation and convenient environment, management of NNPC can improve the tendency of staff to engage in cynic behaviour at work and government should also strive constantly to supervise the activities of the corporation as this would boost the performance of the organization.
Keywords :
Organizational performance, staff commitment, government interference, NNPC, Corruption.

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