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Exploring the Association of Mother’s Education and Anemia of under five Children in Bangladesh: Descriptive Analysis
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Alamgir Hossain, Enamul Haque, Chowdhury Galib
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Bridge Center
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Study was conducted based on the BDHS-2011 Children of less educated mother’s were suffering more compare to higher educated mothers. Rural children were suffering from anemia more than twice compare to the urban children. Children from the poorest wealth quintal were suffering more compare to the other group. One year age group children were more vulnerable to suffering from anemia compare to the other year of age group of the under-five children. During complementary feeding period baby formula reduce the risk from anemia and lack of semi-solid food under-five children were suffering more on anemia. This study was conducted by secondary data which was taken from Bangladesh Demographic Health Survey (2011). BDHS is nationally representative data. The survey was based on a two-stage stratified sample of households. For this analysis of anemia in children there were 2717 samples, selected for analysis. The data was collected from the different urban and rural part of the Bangladesh. Uni-varaite analysis had applied for examining association of mother’s education and anemia of under-five children.
Keywords :
Mother’s Education, Anemia, Child Anemia, Influencing Factor, Complementary Food, Bangladesh

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