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Which populations of Alyssum murale from southeastern Albania are more efficient in biomass production?
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Besmira Xhaferri, Liri Miho, Aida Bani, Seit Shallari, Guillaume Echevarria, Ermelinda Gjeta, Dolja Pavlova, Edmira Shahu
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Bridge Center
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Our previous study for the Ni hyperaccumulator A. murale helped us in the development of a better growing system for phytoextraction and the opportunity for the phytomining of nickel in Albanian ultramafic soils. In order to find the best populations in nickel phytoextraction and the best harvesting time it is important to investigate the characteristics of different populations of A. murale in southeastern Albania. As biomass of hyperaccumulator A. murale was the main contributor in Ni phytoextraction yield this study focuses on the variation of dimensions of plants and plants organs during flowering stages of A.murale, in order to evaluate when biomass production is at a maximum. In the three sites in southeastern Albania: Rajce, Pojske, Prrenjas we took samples at 3 plots for each site. At each site of A. murale we collected 25 specimen. Soil samples were also taken as composite samples collected randomly at different locations of plant sampling (in a 0.5m radius around the plants) for each site. We determined, the size of the plants at different time, then leaves, fruits and flowers for each population. Biomass production was found to be maximal at end of the flowering stage and at the beginning of fruiting stage for all populations, while maximal phytoextraction capacity was found in Pojska populations. This study show variation in Ni concentration across populations in each of the plant’s organs and concluded that the end of the flowering stage and beginning of fruiting stage is the best time for harvesting.
Keywords :
Alyssum murale, biomass production, flowering stage, plant size variation.

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