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Projeto de Engenharia para Implantação de Alça Viária na Av. Efigênio Salles na Cidade de Manaus
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Silvio Carlos de Souza Lima, Jaime Auzier Marialva, Euler André Barbosa de Alencar
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Bridge Center
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As it is the eighth largest Brazilian metropolis, Manaus has approximately a fleet of 500 thousand vehicles (4 hab / vehicle) and 15 thousand tracks, according to data from Manaustrans 2018. With several problems in the transit Manaus has serious congestion points in in all areas of the city, where we noticed signaling failures, lack of returns by roadway, lack of technological support, unloaded loading and unloading operations, mainly in the areas near the Industrial District, Manaus Moderna and Panair area, besides pollution visual, such as fixing plates or billboards, where it should be to the signaling boards. The growth of cities generates an increase in the traffic flow of the roads in general. The intensity of vehicle and pedestrian flows in the roads are fundamental factors for traffic control study, in order to allow a constant flow of both pedestrians and vehicles, avoiding congestion and providing greater road safety.
Keywords :
Road belt, work, traffic

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