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Determinants of Tourist’s Satisfaction for Effective Tourism Marketing in Sabah, Malaysia: An Empirical Study
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Jacquline Tham, S. M. Ferdous Azam, Abdullah Sarwar
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Bridge Center
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Tourism is characterized as having an essential role in contributing to the sustainable development of a country’s economy particularly in a developing country, while the accomplishment of this sector relies exclusively on the strategic application of marketing activities. Culture is one of the critical factors which influence the effectiveness of tourism marketing strategies. Thus, identifying the strategic significance of cultural factors which contribute to an effective tourism marketing in the context of Sabah, Malaysia is the primary objective of this paper. This paper is an empirical study applying quantitative survey method in collecting data from the respondents. SPSS was used to analyze the descriptive statistics, factor analysis and the correlation for this study. AMOS was then used to perform Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) to test the hypotheses developed for this study. In the findings, this study found that cultural heritage, responsiveness, communication, interaction, hospitality, norms and values of local people are the most influential factors for tourist satisfaction. Nevertheless, responsiveness and hospitality of local communities play an important role and have a significant impact on overall tourist satisfaction and direct impact on tourism marketing effectiveness in Sabah, Malaysia.
Keywords :
Tourism Marketing, Culture, Tourist Satisfaction, Effective Tourism, Hospitality, norms and values

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