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The growing insecurity in Mali since the 2012 multidimensional crisis
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Amadou Guindo
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Bridge Center
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Mali, like many countries in Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America, is facing unprecedented insecurity. Everyone is working hard to find the probable causes are at the root of the security deterioration and possibly the beginning of a solution to alleviate the pain of the populations that suffer terribly from it. A few weeks ago, the announcement of the massacre of 37 Fulani civilians wound the entire Malian nation in the village of Koulogon, Bankass town, Mopti region. It attributed this attack despite a denial to the alleged Dogon hunters who have been roaming the area for some time. It will at least be necessary to wait for the first investigations by the massively deployed security forces after the attack and the confessions of the arrested suspects to reach a conclusion on the identity of the perpetrators of this abominable act. The time reflects and seeks answers to what the country is going through. They must recognize it that Malian by nature is foreign to these kinds of barbarism. It must be objectively acknowledged that the Malian State, as the first entity responsible for the stability and protection of people and their property, has sinned. Sinned for having politicized the security problem by refusing to attack the roots, sinned for having divided national public opinion instead of settling sovereign affairs, sinned for having softened, cajoled, pampered Mali's technical partners, namely foreign forces under the leadership of the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA), the French forces (Barkhane) present on the battlefield, instead of telling them the truth, and finally sinned by saying a lot of untruth compared to the reality on the ground. National reconciliation and unity remain major challenges for Bamako’s central government, which has been facing a security crisis since the 2012 military coup.
Keywords :
Mali, insecurity, inter-community conflicts, religious leaders, foreign forces

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