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Why Africa needs to acquire nuclear weapons
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Amadou Guindo
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Bridge Center
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Since the dawn of time, the sovereignty of an empire was always based on its dissuasive military capabilities dissuasive against any attack from outside. The military power of yesteryear was a means of enlarging its territory and fortifying its economic growth, it was also a means of establishing its domination over the other empires. Nowadays, the deterrent tool that fantasizes all the nationalist leaders, remains the absolute weapon, in other words, the nuclear weapon. Nationalist here refers to people who care about the future of their nation and who refuse to compromise their sovereignty for the benefit of personal interests. The use of this word does not please the self-righteous bourgeoisie who considers the nationalists as violent extremists, xenophobes, or warmongers. Unfortunately, gone are the days, today the African Man is aware of the danger that lurks his continent, he is aware of the predators who roam around his wealth to grab it, he is aware of the cliché that Westerners attribute to him in order to tarnish his image, he is also aware that he can only rely on his own forces to develop his nation and build an army capable of dissuading those oppressors who threaten his survival. The Black Man today looks like an animal cornered by hunters on all sides, he seeks against all odds to extricate himself from this mass murder to build his destiny in his image, not the image of politically correct that others want to impose it.
Keywords :
Nuclear weapons, Africa, endless conflicts, great powers

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