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Floristic Analysis of the Species concerning the Astragalus L. Type Spread in the Daridagh Area
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Ganbarov Dashgin, Heyderova Aysel, Aliyar Ibragimov, Fatmakhanum Nabiyeva
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Bridge Center
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Daridagh Ridge - is a low slope range in the Julfaregion and is located in the far southwest corner of the Damirlidagh-Goydagh arm that is south-west of the Zangazur range and its natural continuation on the earth's surface. Starting from the Yayji Plain in the Southeast, it extends 16 km to the north, north-west to the left bank of Alinjachay. The highest peak is Daridagh (1927.4 m). Other tops of the range include the Pilalar (1562.6 m), Shahgarash (1430.6 m), Dikdash (1411.0 m) and Kasandagh (1102.1 m). The slopes are cracked severely and precipice. The rich flora of Xerophytes of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic has developed in the close genetic relationship with the Mediterranean area, the Asia Minor and the Iranian flora. Variety of vegetation in the area has long been of great interest to researchers, botanists, nature scientists, phytochemists and paleobotanics. In different periods, there have been carried out various researches on different species, genus and families and there have been included the new taxons (families, genus, species) into the flora, and they were satisfied to study and preserve the useful properties of some species. In this respect, there has been planned to carry out researces, by the aim of studying the composition of the Astragalus genus species, including their vital forms, spreading on the altitude zones, botanical-geographical analysis,bioechological features, present situation of the rare and endangered species, as well as the ways of their effective usage and protection.
Keywords :
floristic analysis, Astragalus L. Type

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