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China’s “One Belt One Road” initiative, a policy of 21st Century Regional economic integration
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Muhammad Ishaq, Ruan Jian Ping, Aftab Rahim, Zahoor-ulhaq
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Bridge Center
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One Belt One Road initiative is the president Xi's foreign policy agenda, a mean to change the current geo-politics and world's economic dependency on solo power and to reduce US hegemony in the region in particular and world in general. According to OBOR vision, over 4 billion population with one-third of world's GDP with 40 billion$ Silk Road Fund, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and New Development Bank of BRICS will also provide funds for the fulfilment of Chinese Nation's rejuvenation dream. Xi's initiative has three derives; energy, security and market for Chinese dump products by weaving these three drives into a fabric of interconnectivity including transport corridor and port facilities, which will ultimately boost multilateral trade, security and stability in the countries along the Belt and Road.
Keywords :
Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), Belt and Road; China, Foreign Policy, Xi Jinping.

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