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The Investigation of Determinants of Absenteeism among the Nurses of Public Hospitals
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Sajida Batool, Muhammad Afzal, Syed Amir Gillani
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Bridge Center
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Purpose: The purpose of the study is to analyze the determinants responsible for absenteeism among the nurses of public hospitals of Lahore. Methodology: The cross-sectional research design was used to analyze the factors causing the staff absenteeism in health care setting. The setting of this study was public hospitals of Lahore Pakistan. Sample was selected by simple random sampling technique. Target population was the staff nurses of the Punjab Institute of Cardiology. Data was gathered from the target population by floating questionnaire. Ethical consideration was applied. People are free to participate in the study and ensured the confidentiality. Results: The results show that 70.29% participants agreed that they were being absent from work place due to workload and they also perform duty while other colleagues were absent. The study findings show that poor working condition also contributed to absenteeism as agreed by 67.5% of respondents. Same case happened regarding salary. Study’s results show the significant positive relationship among the poor working condition and the absenteeism, employee’s salary and absenteeism and also among poor working condition and absenteeism. Conclusion: Absenteeism has become a major challenge for health care organizations. The study concludes that the poor working condition of the hospital need to be improved in order to accommodate employees’ basic needs and the management should maintain staff patient ratio because it put pressure on nurses as excessive workload and this leads to the absenteeism among nurses. Hospitals should also emphasize on the salaries of the nurses to avoid the absenteeism.
Keywords :
Absenteeism, Poor Working Conditions, Salary, Workload.

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