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Towards an Understanding of the Efferent Reading Stance of Hausa Popular Romance Novels
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Alkasim Haruna, Noor Hashima Abd Aziz
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
Reading romance novels is an activity engaged by most people especially young readers. The aim of this study was to understand the effects of efferent reading stances of female readers of Hausa popular romance novels. A total of six female readers were selected from book clubs to participate in the study. Face-face interviews were used to collect the data. In analysing the interview data, the Transactional Reader-Response Theory of Rosenblatt (1978) was used as a tool for the analysis. Two themes emerged in relation to efferent reading stances gained by the female readers after reading the novels: (i) Female Empowerment and (ii) Challenging the Traditional Marriage System.
Keywords :
Hausa romance novels, Female readers, Efferent reading stance, Transactional Reader-Response Theory.

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