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Cylinder Pressure Variation Modeling inside a Diesel Engine
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Sabir Abushousha Ahmed, TagElssir Hassan Hussan, Omer Musa
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Bridge Center
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The in-cylinder pressure is the key of an internal combustion engine. Since direct measurement is not feasible, effort has been taken to find it find theoretical approach. Engine parameters studying by experimentation time consumes and efforts. Simulation the engine to find the performance output leads to resource saving. In this study a four-stroke diesel engine has been modeled to calculate the pressure inside the combustion chamber, gas and inertia forces instead of experimental data taken from real engine. The paper investigates the pressure variation inside a diesel engine during a complete cycle with respect to the crank angle at a constant speed, without considering properties change with temperature by proximate the real processes. In this work a simple method is proposed to estimate the in-cylinder pressure. The proposed method incorporates a combustion model. The model results have been compared to real data measured from a 6-cylinder compression engine. The results demonstrate the method’s capability to update the model parameters, such that accurate in-cylinder pressure estimations are possible even under the influence of unknown disturbances.
Keywords :
in- Cylinder pressure, Engine Model, diesel engine.

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