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The Flora of the Rock and Reef –Plants in Shamkir Region
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Yegan? Aslanova
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
The rocks and sediments are spread in large areas in the lower, middle, (subalp, alp, subnival, nival) valleys of the basin of the high mountain. Each zone has its own plants. The ecological condition of the reef and rocks of these zones is the same, and the kind composition is different. The spreading of the plants in the reef and rocks depend not only the point of view of the slope, but also on its geological composition. Thus, when the rock-and sediments plant is mentioned, the naked main rocks: the limestone rocks and the community of the petroglyphs which are considered on the gravel plies after the soil erosion is meant. (Lat. Petrofite, petrofiton- is a rock plant). In other words, to this type includes the stony and rocky, as well as plants of rocky and stony places. Here, the higher plants do not form a closed coating. This type of plant is mainly changed according to the dependence on a number of factors: sea level, altitude, climate type, wind form of abrasion, chemical composition.
Keywords :
Shamkir, floristic analysis, rock, stony, family, genus

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