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Biological properties of weeds spread in the natural and irrigated areas of the Small Caucasus
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Z. I. Tagiyeva
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Bridge Center
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The northern part of the Small Caucasus is quite diverse with natural fodder fields and vegetation. Thus, at each plant group there are at least 30-40 species of plants included in different families. Grass plants take a definite place in the botanical composition of vegetation cover of irrigated soils.Grass plants differ according to their symptoms their families, biological composition, importance of feed.In general, the crops of the irrigated lands can be divided into several places, which are well eaten, moderately eaten, poorly eaten and not eaten.Along with other crops, weeds are widely used in natural feed fields and irrigated areas.128 species, 57 genders,16 families have been identified in the natural and irrigated areas of the Small Caucasus.
Keywords :
families, gender, species, natural, irrigated

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