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Floristic Analysis of Dogrose Species Spread in the Flora of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic
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Dashgin Ganbarov, Ofeliya Gafarova, Nurtaj Hajiyeva, Sakina Jafarova
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Bridge Center
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Either cultivated or wild plant bio-diversity has undergone natural historical, ecological and anthropogenic impacts. The people don’t always make use of these resources efficiently at all. So that the people cut the forests, destroy the habitat of the plants, graze more cattle than usual on the hayfields and pastures which are the main food basis of animal-husbandry, inhibit the natural re-growth vegetation by carrying out intensive mowing process on the meadows around the forest, in the clearing of the forest, foster the lands to fall out by becoming salty. Instead, greenery and natural re-growth measures are less focused on. Consequently, the process of erosion accelerates, the flora composition of forests, lawns, pastures is changing. Initial plant cover perishes; their space is occupied by less significant secondary plants. In such plant phytosenoses, nutritious, herbal, honey-giving, ether oily and other useful species are decreasing which are regarded valuable for their farming significance. Harmful, poisonous and weedery plants prevail among them which are not eaten by the cattle.
Keywords :
dogrose species, floristic analysis

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