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Dynamics of renewable energy in Pakistan: Tidal energy as a future prospect
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Ambreen Insaf, M. Ahsan Uddin, Mirza Salman Baig, Mushtaq Ahmed
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Bridge Center
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The economic interest for a developing country is to know when their national income becomes equivalent to national income of developed country and how. The geographical location, natural resource and energy resources may help them in this regard. The largely used form of energy is the electrical energy upon which majority of the firms and society bases on this energy. Conventional sources of electricity such as oil and gas are limited, expensive and unsustainable, not to mention hazardous for the environment. So, there is no question that renewable energy is the future. Pakistan is blessed with a geographical location where all types of renewable energy are available in abundance. Renewable energy in Pakistan has enough potential to meet the electricity demands of the country. Further, this potential will help to solve power shortage, pollution and high electricity production costs. In fact, if Pakistan can fully harness its renewable potential, it can become an electricity exporter. Pakistan has initiated harnessing electricity from wind energy, solar energy, hydel energy and bio energy. An overview of each of them has been given. It has not yet exploited the potential of tidal energy. In fact, almost nothing has been done so far in the field of tidal energy. In this study, we present recent scenario of renewable energy in Pakistan and some recent studies on tidal energy potential in Pakistan. Moreover, the details present in this paper provide sufficient evidence for tidal energy as a prospective candidate of renewable energy in Pakistan.
Keywords :
Tidal Energy, Renewable Energy, Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Hydel Energy, Biomass

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