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The Lorenz Curve and Gini Coefficient in Bounded Pareto Distribution
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Ehtesham Hussain, Muhammad Ahsanuddin, Masood ul Haq
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
Gini’s coefficient has been studied extensively to gauge inequality of income for the total population of a state into a single digit between zero and one. Geometrically, it is related to the area enclosed by the Lorenz curve and the distribution function of the uniform distribution. The study of the Lorenz curve for some symmetric and some skewed distributions has been done algebraically and graphically. The distribution which has been selected is bounded Pareto’s income distribution and the Gini’s index has been achieved by evaluating the relevant area for different parameters. The study shows that the distribution obtained is bounded Pareto’s income distribution which is true for actual situations in the construction of meaningful indices.
Keywords :
Lorenz Curve, Gini Coefficient, Bounded Pareto’s Income Distribution

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