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Women Empowerment: Deserving of Every Chance and Opportunity in the World
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Muhammad Ahmed Qadri, Kiran Nayyar ul Haque
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
Everyone now is spoken or written on equality of women in society. But, still in some of the sectors nothing seems to be changed. Women needs power that power to make use of their rights actively, and to make women stand independently. There are many sectors in which women needs to be empowered; discrimination in society and home needs to be reduced, education of women is very important as education has a positive effect on child’s mortality. The presumptions that boys’ education has much importance than girls’ needs to be eradicated from the society, women’s control should be increased over different resources. The economic empowerment of women is being regarded these days as a root progress for a country. This article is exploring the most alarming violation of universal human rights, violence against women of all ages, around a billion women across the globe. Women disparity is prevailing around the world whether in term of education or the distribution of economic and productive resources. This paper is discussing women right to have equal opportunities to get education, her right to have proper healthcare service, her right to plan her family, to own property and last but not the least to receive equal pay like men do for having enough chance to do actions and make choices freely without being oppressed by anyone.
Keywords :
Women Empowerment, Social Development, Policy Measures, Economic Growth.

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