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Patologia do Pavimento Asfáltico da Rua Perimentral Norte 1 – Manaus – AM
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Monique Estheffani Urbano da Silva, Charles Ribeiro de Brito
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Bridge Center
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The flexible floor presents a lower cost compared to the rigid, which justifies its application in most of the highways, in contrast, it needs preventive and corrective maintenance in order to maintain a standard of useful life within what had been foreseen. Manaus, the capital of the state of Amazonas, is close to the equator, which explains the high rainfall and high incidence of solar rays that, when coming into contact with pavement, causes a considerable increase in temperature. in a process of accelerated deterioration. Based on this analysis will be presented a study on the survey of the pathologies in the asphalt coating in a path near UNINORTE so that, by superficially identifying the defects found, it is possible to determine their characteristics and their possible causes based on the bibliographic review. The objective of this research is based on the materials and methods, to establish the data collection that base the visual assessment of the surface of this pavement, based on the DNIT Paving Manual (National Department of Infrastructure and Transport) and DNIT 005 / 2003 - TER. According to the data acquired, it was found that the pavement is in a high deterioration stage, corroborated by the high index of pans and patches, which together represent 41.67% of the indicated pathologies, directly affecting the purpose of the road which is to have a coating with secure, soft and comfortable bearing.
Keywords :
Flexible Flooring. Pathologies in Asphalt Coating. Deterioration.

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