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Determinants of Individual Household’s Lending to the Commercial Bank in Can Tho City of Viet Nam
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Tran Minh Nhut, Vuong Quoc Duy
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
This paper investigates the factors that are affected the savings decision of individual customers at commercial banks in the province of Can Tho city. Data used in the paper were gathered from a survey of individual households in the province of Can Tho city. The method used is a Double hurdle models which included a probit regression model and Tobit regression model. The findings show that factors affecting the savings decision, the amount of deposits are the educational levels, relatives working at the banks, the distance to the bank, income of individual households and interest rates. Based on research, this topic has proposed some solutions to help commercial banks exploit idle capital, expand customer network and improve the situation of raising capital in the province of Can Tho city.
Keywords :
savings, individual customers, commercial banks, Can Tho City.

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